Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Success at the Intervarsities 2009

DCU Judo Grips Gold, Silver and Bronze

(Shown from left to right: Anthony Guinan, Peter Moran, Cormac O’Sullivan, Chamil Chamilov and Kevin Lally)

Only those clever enough to run escaped the fire that was the DCU judo squad in NUI Maynooth this February.

Hundreds of judokas from around the country gathered for this year’s national judo intervarsities competition. It was an intense day of bruises, bumps and, for many of DCU’s entrants, medals.

Chamil Chamilov decisively thwarted all opposition on his way to 1st place in the middle kyu category, and Cormac O’Sullivan collected bronze and silver medals in the open and under 73kg weight divisions.

In the womens’ tournament, Heather Murphy and Susan Phelan slammed, choked and strangled their way to the finals. By mid-afternoon these iron maidens had all but a few running for the hills. Heather took a silver in both the -63kg and middle kyu, and Susan claimed bronze in the -57kgs.

DCU dominated the -60kg men’s category, with Peter Moran and Devin Anderson picking up gold and bronze respectively.

The excitement-highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Team event. DCU’s A-team fought Trinity College down to the last man and, unfortunately, were defeated in the dying seconds of the fight. The team members (shown above) were awarded with silver medals for their efforts, having put on a performance that will no doubt leave TCD looking over its shoulders for next year.

Devin Anderson

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Broken for the Summer

The club has broken for the Summer Holidays, if you wish to train during the summer we usually do so in Portmarnock Judo Club, drop us a mail if you wish to come along.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Judo Suits/Hoodies/EGM/Leinster Closed

1) Judo Suits - we hope to get our supplier of judo suits out soon, so we
can inform him of numbers could you let me know if you are interested in
buying a judo suit.

2) DCU Judo Hoodies - we would like to get some this year - interested let
me know so I can get a quote of a supplier!

3) EGM - We will be calling an EGM to elect a new committee, myself and
Yoyo, may not be around for the whole of this academic year, and it would
be great to get some new blood on the committee. If you are interested in
going on the judo committee (p.s. employers love to see you have served on
a club or soc committee) let me know. We will show you the ropes.

4) Lenister Closed - 2/12/07 -The first competition is coming up in December - not
too far away - Finglas - this is a great opportunity to test out your new
judo skills in a competition! Feedback welcome.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Training Back on Week 3

Hello all and welcome back to a brand new year of college. Just to let you know judo will start back in week 3 of the semester, the week after clubs and socs day (8th Oct).

The training times are the same:
Monday 6.30-8.00
Wednesday 7.00-8.30

See you on the mat very soon!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Training Suspended until 12/03

Unfortunately, the minor hall isn't availbale for the next two weeks due to
refurbishment of the climbing wall and the sports centre does not have any
reasonable relocation options for us. (The racket hall on Tue and Thu night
is the best they offer).

Mark wants to drive up to Portmarnock Judo Club on Monday night. I will
definitley go. Please send an email if you want to join us. DCU training will
resume on Monday 12th of March at normal time and place.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Intervarsities 2007 - Results

Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that the photos from our very successful intervarsities are now up on the website. www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~judo .

The results were:
Well first of all DCU got bronze in the Mens Team Event - Team included: YoYo, Dave, Nicolas, Luke, Cormac, and myself.

Other DCU medal honours included:
Luke got gold in the Mens U66KG
Dave got the bronze in the Mens U66KG
Cormac got the silver in the Mens U73KG
and I got the sliver in the Mens U100KG

So all in all a very successful trip to DIT!

Thats it for now, see you all training on Wednesday,


Monday, January 22, 2007

Intervarsities, Training, Hoodies

This year's intervarsities will take place in DIT Cathal Brugha Street. I expect everyone will want to compete as its a great competition for beginners!

The competition will take place Saturday, 17th Feb 2007. We need to get the entry form in for the 2nd of Feb so I need to get names and numbers ASAP!

So who is up for it? There are two types of competitions you can enter, your weight and your belt. So in your weight you will be up against people the same weight as you and in your belt category you will be up against people with the same belt (well around about)

Also, we are going to organise DCU Judo club hoodies, they should be around 25-30 euro. If you are interested let me know ASAP!

Training will resume on the first Monday of semester 2 - Monday 05/02/07 - 6.30

So in summary:
Intervarsities 17/02/07 in DIT - interested - email me!
Hoodies - interested - email me!
Training starts 05/02/07